Applied Kinesiology

APPLIED KINESIOLOGY Many people think that Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a treatment, whereas it is actually a diagnostic tool that is used in combination with other standard methods of diagnosis to assess aspects of health.   What is AK? AK is a non-invasive system of evaluating how a person’s body functions using manual muscle testing … Continue reading Applied Kinesiology


Trapped Nerve

TRAPPED NERVES Trapped nerve describes back and other problems that occur when nerves get compressed, irritated or trapped often between bones in the spine or neck. This is also called a pinched nerve or compressed nerve.   Anatomy: Nerves are the body's information highways that travel everywhere in the body, sending instructions to muscles from … Continue reading Trapped Nerve

Balancing the body with breathing (Pranayama)

  Pranayama means ‘to stretch the breath’. It is prudent to advance gradually in any form of stretching that we do with the physical body. When stretching the physical body the ligaments act as elastic tissue and have a great capacity to stretch, provided the extent of flexibility is approached and accommodated gradually by the … Continue reading Balancing the body with breathing (Pranayama)

Body compensation and scars

The body is a magnificently intelligent ‘machine’ that is able to withstand a certain amount of abuse without apparent problems. This enables us to continue to function in a relatively normal manor even when we are compromised. We are all familiar with the way the body compensates for a problem, e.g. where we automatically place … Continue reading Body compensation and scars