Osteopathic treatment of older people aims to help maintain mobility, ease aches and pains as far as possible and promote well-being. The body can be likened to a car, needing regular service and maintenance, especially with age. M.O.T. Maintenance Osteopathic Treatment can help.   Retirement can bring added time for leisure, travel and other interests … Continue reading OSTEOPATHY AS YOU GET OLDER


Osteopathy During Pregnancy

  Pregnancy and particularly the birthing of a new person into being, is a life changing experience for both parents. Although it is a natural process and part of a normal life cycle, each pregnancy is a unique experience. The mother’s body experiences a myriad of physical, chemical, hormonal and emotional changes.   The growing … Continue reading Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Body compensation and scars

The body is a magnificently intelligent ‘machine’ that is able to withstand a certain amount of abuse without apparent problems. This enables us to continue to function in a relatively normal manor even when we are compromised. We are all familiar with the way the body compensates for a problem, e.g. where we automatically place … Continue reading Body compensation and scars