Balancing the body with breathing (Pranayama)

  Pranayama means ‘to stretch the breath’. It is prudent to advance gradually in any form of stretching that we do with the physical body. When stretching the physical body the ligaments act as elastic tissue and have a great capacity to stretch, provided the extent of flexibility is approached and accommodated gradually by the … Continue reading Balancing the body with breathing (Pranayama)


Fascial network

  Fascia has become a very popular topic recently, its true importance as a structural network having been largely ignored in the past. It consists mostly of collagen and elastin, forming a sheet of fibrous connective tissue that supports and separates structures throughout the entire body. If you have ever worn a twisted stocking or … Continue reading Fascial network

Body compensation and scars

The body is a magnificently intelligent ‘machine’ that is able to withstand a certain amount of abuse without apparent problems. This enables us to continue to function in a relatively normal manor even when we are compromised. We are all familiar with the way the body compensates for a problem, e.g. where we automatically place … Continue reading Body compensation and scars


(Aether Bios Clinic) Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips COCCYX PAIN (COCCYDYNIA) Coccydynia is a pain felt in the coccyx or tailbone. It can accompany injury or strain to the coccyx or surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons. The word coccyx comes from the Greek word meaning cuckoo, referring to its beak-like shape pointing towards the front … Continue reading COCCYX PAIN

NLP: Changing your Mind about new year resolutions

Using New Year as a focus is a great start for making changes – or is it? Common resolution themes revolve around health and behaviour: stopping smoking, losing weight, stopping an unwanted or unhelpful habit, behaviour, limiting belief or phobia; starting a new exercise program, healthy eating, a new career path, a new relationship or … Continue reading NLP: Changing your Mind about new year resolutions

Osteopathy: Sacro-Illiac Pain

  The sacro-iliac joint (SI joint or SIJ) is between the sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of the spine and the ilium bones of the pelvis. During movement the SIJ helps distribute the body’s weight from the trunk to the pelvis and extremities while protecting the spine, acting as shock absorption. Anatomy: The … Continue reading Osteopathy: Sacro-Illiac Pain