Osteopathy: Sacro-Illiac Pain

  The sacro-iliac joint (SI joint or SIJ) is between the sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of the spine and the ilium bones of the pelvis. During movement the SIJ helps distribute the body’s weight from the trunk to the pelvis and extremities while protecting the spine, acting as shock absorption. Anatomy: The … Continue reading Osteopathy: Sacro-Illiac Pain

Osteopathy: Leg Cramps

  A common and usually harmless condition where the muscles in the leg suddenly become tight and painful. Most commonly this occurs in the calf muscles, though it can affect any muscle of the leg or foot. Most let cramps occur during sleep. Most cases reported to doctors occur in pregnant women in the last … Continue reading Osteopathy: Leg Cramps

Osteopathy: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

A common condition affecting more women than men of all ages, increasingly with age, particularly affecting menopausal women. CTS causes pain, numbness and a tingling or burning sensation in the hands and fingers; also weakness in the hands and fingers and a dull ache spreading into the forearm. Anatomy: The carpal tunnel is a narrow … Continue reading Osteopathy: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Osteopathy: Shin Splints

A general term to describe pain in the front of the legs, or shins caused by exercise. The pain can be felt, usually in both shins after strenuous exercise, particularly running and sports with sudden stops and starts, such as basketball, tennis, squash and badminton. It is important to rest and seek help, as continuing … Continue reading Osteopathy: Shin Splints

Back Pain – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips

  A common problem that affects most people at some time, mostly in the lower back (lumbago), though can be felt anywhere in the spine. May be triggered by strained muscles, tendons or ligaments, wear and tear, bad posture, poor bending and lifting technique as well as stress. It is the leading cause of long-term … Continue reading Back Pain – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips

Laptop and Texter’s Neck – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips

A stress injury caused by extended periods bending forwards in a slumped position (neck flexion) while texting or working on phones, tablets or laptops. We have similar posture when reading and desk workers often developed a Dowager’s hump at the top of the spine. We now more regularly spend extended periods of time attached to … Continue reading Laptop and Texter’s Neck – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips

Maintenance Osteopathic Treatment (M.O.T.) – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips

  Many people take much better care of their car than their body. In essence the aspects of care are similar with both cars and bodies. A car regularly needs petrol, water, oil, and air in the tyres; also services and various repairs, usually increasingly with age. At regular services, a car may need a … Continue reading Maintenance Osteopathic Treatment (M.O.T.) – Bridgeford’s Best Bites: Osteopathy Tips