Piriformis Syndrome: Osteopathy tips

Ather Bios Clinic – Bridgefords’s Best Bites The term was introduced by Robinson in 1947, implies a group of signs and symptoms caused by piriformis muscle disorders, leading to irritation and compression of the anatomic structures passing under its belly, notably the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica that is not related to the spine or discs. … Continue reading Piriformis Syndrome: Osteopathy tips

Sciatica: Osteopathy Tips

Ather Bios Clinic – Bridgefords’s Best Bites Anatomy: The spine typically has 24 vertebrae; 7 neck, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar. The vertebrae turn on facet joints, arched wing-like structures that stick out either side of the rear part of the vertebrae. They stop the vertebrae from bending and twisting too far and protect the … Continue reading Sciatica: Osteopathy Tips