Osteopathic treatment of older people aims to help maintain mobility, ease aches and pains as far as possible and promote well-being. The body can be likened to a car, needing regular service and maintenance, especially with age. M.O.T. Maintenance Osteopathic Treatment can help.   Retirement can bring added time for leisure, travel and other interests … Continue reading OSTEOPATHY AS YOU GET OLDER


Osteopathy During Pregnancy

  Pregnancy and particularly the birthing of a new person into being, is a life changing experience for both parents. Although it is a natural process and part of a normal life cycle, each pregnancy is a unique experience. The mother’s body experiences a myriad of physical, chemical, hormonal and emotional changes.   The growing … Continue reading Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Balancing the body with breathing (Pranayama)

  Pranayama means ‘to stretch the breath’. It is prudent to advance gradually in any form of stretching that we do with the physical body. When stretching the physical body the ligaments act as elastic tissue and have a great capacity to stretch, provided the extent of flexibility is approached and accommodated gradually by the … Continue reading Balancing the body with breathing (Pranayama)